If you answer yes to any of these questions, ask Ron how this may affect your financial life at thewalletdoctor@aol.com or visit www.walletdoctor.org   The Wallet Doctor, the place you go to make sure no one is performing any unnecessary open wallet surgery upon you!

  • Have you gotten married or divorced?
  • Have you had a baby?
  • Did your teenager get a driver's license?
  • Have you switched jobs or experienced a significant change in your income?
  • Have you done extensive renovations on your home?
  • Have you decided to buy a vacation or potential retirement home?
  • Have you acquired any new valuables such as jewelry, electronic equipment, fine art, antiques?
  • Have you signed a lease on a house or apartment?

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I am also writing a blog on the same issue, I am obliged that your research has made my work very much easy and simple.


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